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and from the following options:

Language settings

— To set the display language of your phone, select

Phone language



selects the language according to the

information on the SIM card. To select the USIM card language, select

SIM language

. To set a language for voice commands, select

Recognition lang.


Security keyguard

— to set the phone to ask for the security code when

you unlock the keyguard. Enter the security code, and select



Automatic keyguard

— to lock the keypad automatically after a preset

time delay when the phone is in the standby mode and no function of
the phone has been used. Select


, and set the time.

Welcome note

— to write the note that is shown when the phone is

switched on

Flight query



— The phone asks every time when it is switched on

whether the flight profile shall be used. With flight profile all radio
connections are switched off. The flight profile should be used in areas
sensitive to radio emissions.

Phone updates

— to receive phone software updates from your service

provider (network service). This option may not be available, depending
on your phone. See “Phone software updates,” p. 57.

Operator selection



— to set the phone to automatically

select one of the cellular networks available in your area. With


you can select a network that has a roaming agreement with your
service provider.

Confirm SIM actions

— See “SIM services,” p. 78.

Help text activation

— to select whether the phone shows help texts

Start-up tone



— The phone plays a tone when it is switched on. Page 54 Wednesday, September 13, 2006 9:11 AM

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