Nokia 7373 - Digital signature

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Digital signature

You can make digital signatures with your phone if your SIM card has a
security module. Using the digital signature can be the same as signing
your name to a paper bill, contract, or other document.

To make a digital signature, select a link on a page (for example, the title
of the book you want to buy and its price). The text to sign is shown,
which may include the amount and date.

Check that the header text is


and that the digital signature icon

is shown.

If the digital signature icon does not appear, there is a security breach,
and you should not enter any personal data such as your signing PIN.

To sign the text, read all of the text first, and select



The text may not fit within a single screen. Therefore, make sure to scroll
through and read all of the text before signing.

Select the user certificate you want to use. Enter the signing PIN. The
digital signature icon disappears, and the service may display a
confirmation of your purchase.