Nokia 7373 - Music player options

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Music player options

In the

Music player

menu, select from the following options:

Show tracks

— View all available tracks of the active track list and play

the desired track. To play a track, scroll to the desired track, and select



Music library

— View all available tracks ordered according to








, or

Track lists

. Select

Update library


refresh the lists. Track lists generated with the Nokia Music Manager
you will find under

Track lists


My track lists


Play options

— Select


to play the tracks on the track list in

random order. Select


to play the current track or the entire track

list repeatedly.

Media equaliser

— to select or define an equalizer setting

Add to Favourites

— to add the current track to the favorite track list

Play via Bluetooth

— to connect and play the tracks on an audio

accessory using Bluetooth technology

Use tone

— Set the currently played music track, for example, as a

ringing tone.


— to send the current track by a multimedia message or using

Bluetooth technology

Web page

— to access a Web page associated with the currently played


Music downloads

— to connect to a Web service

Memory status

— to view the free and used memory capacity