Nokia 7373 - Insert a microSD card

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Insert a microSD card

Keep all microSD memory cards out of the reach of small children.

Switch the phone off, and remove the back cover and the battery of the

Slide the memory card
holder to unlock (1) and
open the card holder

Insert the memory card
into the card holder
with the contact
surface facing
backwards (3), and
close the card holder

Slide the card holder to lock it (5).

Replace the battery and close the back cover of the phone.

Use only compatible microSD cards with this device. Other memory cards, such as
Reduced Size MultiMedia cards, do not fit in the microSD card slot and are not
compatible with this device. Using an incompatible memory card may damage
the memory card as well as the device, and data stored on the incompatible card
may be corrupted.

Use only microSD cards approved by Nokia for use with this device. Nokia utilizes
the approved industry standards for memory cards but not all other brands may
function correctly or be fully compatible with this device. Page 12 Wednesday, September 13, 2006 9:11 AM

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